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Lasting beauty

Permanent makeup

Rotterdam * since 2023

Permanent makeup

For some, permanent makeup (PMU) on eyebrows, lips and eyelids is pure luxury or convenience, for others it is an excellent method to solve cosmetic imperfections, such as missing eyebrow hair. Whatever your reason, Lagerman fills your cosmetic needs safely and successfully. So you can always leave the house well-groomed and confident. In our beauty Bar, high-quality permanent make-up is used. With it, beautiful results are achieved. By injecting the desired pigment into the dermis, our skilled and experienced PMU artists apply shape, contour, color and structure. To your taste, you can optionally supplement the PMU with ordinary makeup. Among other things, ultraviolet light and natural skin renewal fade this pigmentation over time. This takes between 1 and 3 years. In fact, PMU is therefore semi-permanent compared to permanent tattoos, in which pigments are sprayed into the subcutaneous connective tissue. Permanent makeup is suitable for all skin types.

Rotterdam * since 2023

Our treatments

Lip Blush

Are you bothered by a faded lip color or an uneven lip line? Permanent makeup allows the lips to be corrected and acquire a fuller appearance. By means of pigment injections, tighter lip contours (lip liners) and colored lips (full lips) can be tattooed. This treatment is suitable for any skin type. 

Deep Lashliner

Looking for a real eye-catcher? With a permanent eyeliner, this can be created. By means of eyeliner, a line is applied above or below your eye. This aims to give your eyes extra expression. Permanent eyeliner can be tattooed on your upper and lower eyelids. This treatment is suitable for any skin type.



Give your light or faded eyebrows more volume and expression again? Fuller eyebrows and newly drawn eyebrow hairs can be tattooed with permanent makeup. By means of a powder Brow technique (also called Ombré Powder Brows) the roots of your eyebrows are slightly shaded, it seems that the eyebrows are ‘powdered’. Ombré powder Brows are the trend of the moment and suitable for every skin type. In addition, a hairstroke (also called 3D browstrokes) technique can be used. This technique creates a very natural look to your eyebrows.Combi Brows are set using a combination of two techniques. The tip of the eyebrows is pigmented with the hairstrokes technique, the overflow is pigmented from 1.5 cm from the tip to the tail with the powder Brows technique. Combi Brows give a beautiful and more natural result.

Rotterdam * since 2023

Good to know

Advice and consent

Before we apply your permanent make-up, wishes and possibilities are discussed with our qualified and specialized PMU artists. Lagerman fulfills your cosmetic wishes in good consultation and provided that it is aesthetically pleasing. If everything is clear, you give written permission to start treatment. In order to be allowed to carry out PMU treatments, we must adhere to legally prescribed hygiene and safety rules. Of course, we have the legally prescribed GGD permit.

Numbing Emla cream through your doctor

The application of PMU is done by means of pigment injections. Since this is not painless, we anesthetize the area to be treated beforehand with Emla crème. You can get this cream from your doctor in advance by prescription.

Our reviews

I'll see you soon 🥰

Iris was a very sweet lady who cut my hair top and used beautiful color toner exactly what I had in mind xx you will see me again soon 🥰

My eyelashes are beautiful!

Amanda is the best eyelash extensions specialist! My eyelashes are beautiful! Very professionally cozy and a beautiful salon.
Kiki L

A bomb of love

Stephanie is the true wizard of hair en de gezelligste kapster ooit. My hair is super beautiful again and has received a bomb of love ♥️
Rosa T

Soooo happy with my eyelashes!!!

Super nice help from Jasmine. I was able to relax completely and am soooo happy with my eyelashes!!! Beautiful salon, lovely girls and a very nice atmosphere. I will definitely be back 💕

Even so pleasant!

Pleasant experience. There is attention and consultation about what you want. There is a nice atmosphere with soft soothing music in the background and especially no noise. And it is not overcrowded - even so pleasant !

Very nice salon!

Very nice salon! They listened carefully to my wishes and gave me good advice. I am very happy with my hair!